As Newfoundland’s premier snowmobile destination, the Great Northern Peninsula boasts over 600 kilometres of groomed snowmobile trails. This provides an unparalleled experience of riding comfort. The Peninsula is also one of the least restricted areas in Newfoundland, however, so you’ll have ample opportunity to go off the beaten path and explore our mountains and forests.

The Torrent River Inn is located just minutes from the Appalachian Mountains, on Newfoundland and Labrador’s Great Northern Peninsula. These mountains are used to snowmobile to Harbour Deep.

In 7 days, you can experience two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, travel over numerous trails and mountains, see an abundance of wildlife in their natural surroundings, while staying in our comfortable and affordable accommodations and enjoying the local way of life.

The most popular snowmobile tour in Newfoundland takes riders to Western Brook Pond to view the gigantic inland glacier-carved fjord with walls 2,000 feet high. It’s just a few hours ride on snowmobile to the edge of the gorge for a view that’s both exhilarating and humbling at the same time.



The northern peninsula of Newfoundland is home to some of the largest and most bountiful supplies of wild game in the province, with everything from water fowl to full-grown moose. The guides and outfitters are experts at traversing the challenging landscapes of the northern peninsula. Their knowledge of not only the area, but the animals of the area, will give you the best shot at bagging the trophy you’re looking for.