Salmon Fishing

Welcome to the Torrent River Inn – the angler’s choice for sport fishing in northern Newfoundland. The Hawkes Bay region of the Viking Trail offers some of the best Salmon sport fishing on the island of Newfoundland. Within a 120 km stretch there are 7 scheduled rivers in which to wet your fly – Portland Creek, River of Ponds, Little Brook Pond, Torrent, Big East, Castors and St. Genevieve. All of these rivers are pristine and come with an abundance of good fishing spots along the banks, presenting many isolated settings to fish alone or with a friend. This area of the province is home to some of the best salmon and trout fishing in Atlantic Canada, with some record-setting salmon coming out of our waters. Each year, anglers from all corners of the continent return to this area to coax Atlantic salmon and native trout to strike. And if you still haven’t gotten your fill of seafood, head back to our restaurant where we specialize in preparing a variety of seafood dishes.


John Hogan Hiking Trail

The John Hogan Trail is a 3 km boardwalk designed and constructed by the Town of Hawkes Bay and named for Ranger John Hogan, who during the spring of 1943, without thought for himself, cared for a totally incapacitated companion in the wild for 50 days. He did so with without provisions and equipment, just ingenuity and a strong will. The trail meanders along the edge of the Torrent River from the Salmon Interpretation Center to the Torrent River Nature Park. Here, you will experience a wonderful variety of plants and animals along the way, as well as some spectacular views of the river.


French Shore Bread Oven

The French Shore Bread Oven is located in Port au Choix, about 20kms north from the Torrent River Inn. Join them to learn about the way of life of French Fisherman. A reconstructed traditional stone bread oven produces delicious breads that can be enjoyed with local jams during the summer. It is a taste of life going back some 300 years.